Monday, August 24, 2009

New Blog Feature: An Exhibition Calendar

The design of this blog has always rested on one principle: to function as a resource for regional art organization, artists, and of course patrons. Resources I would find useful include the banner, to which I return almost daily. This banner includes links of galleries and museums in and around Cincinnati and I work to update it as I hear of others.

Another resource I've always wanted is a consolidated calendar of exhibitions. This was pretty tedious to put together and I realize for it to be useful to all of us, I need to be sure to manage it in a timely manner. This calendar includes only exhibitions and their descriptions as pulled from the respective websites. For any additional programming (talks, tours, classes, etc) , you will have to go directly to the gallery or museum website. The exhibitions are consolidated from those institutions appearing on the banner above.

If you think there is another gallery or museum I should include, please let me know. Keep in mind however that while I may periodically blog about shows in private galleries, I choose not to link to private arts organizations on my banner.

I do hope you find the calendar a helpful resource as well. Browse around. The new art season includes some very interesting exhibitions you will want to include on your own calendar.