Monday, August 3, 2009

Can We Make Art Museums More Like Home?

As art museums continue to work towards engaging their community and growing their patronage, we see a number of innovative programs develop. Many of the events often involve creating a temporary space for entertainment as a way to welcome new visitors.

A letter in the Daily Dayton News in response to the 90th anniversary of the Dayton Art Institute recalls in 1943 when a banner hung across the front of the building read, "Dayton's Living Room."

A rather simple idea that not only engages the surrounding community, but evokes the comfort of permanency and most important it makes the museum inviting.

It is so easy to envision The Cincinnati Wing of the CAM and the Taft Museum of Art adopting similar invitations to come in and relax.


Anne said...

Great idea!

When Max was little, he thought the Tiffany room at the Chrysler (in Norfolk, & no it had nothing to do w/cars as I first thought) looked like Grandma's house!