Monday, August 10, 2009

The Art Academy Opens Academic Year with Big Changes, Questions.

The Art Academy of Cincinnati last week announced the departures of two top leaders, President Gregory Allgire Smith and Academic Dean Keith Kutch. While Kutch left on his own accord to accept a position at Stevenson University outside of Baltimore, the circumstances surrounding Smith’s departure are still unclear.

You can find the story at City Beat.


A.C. Frabetti said...

thanks for the update. Interesting that the reason for the drop in enrollment upon the move to OTR was due to “because we were so focused on the move." Then: "Our upcoming class is 66 students, which was our goal, and we’re excited about that figure.” I wonder what the enrollment was before the move? In these past years? What is the maximum number of students they can enroll before space becomes compromised? etc. The article raises many questions. That said, I hope the Academy does well.