Thursday, September 23, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere.....

Earlier this month, I wrote about my latest concerns with the Fine Arts Fund's decision to hire outside artists to rebrand their organization. My criticism rests on the obvious problem of collecting donations in the name of supporting local artists and failing to pay a local marketing firm to redesign their brand.

Yesterday, the Fine Arts Fund unveiled their outsourced effort with this.

Since this unveiling, I've been trying to imagine the long-time Fine Arts Fund donor proudly announce, "I belong to the ArtsWave." or "I give to the ArtsWave."


It sounds and looks like the Fine Arts Fund has has been swept up in their own water imagery with the now tired old "ripple effect" they've been touting for 3 or 4 years, and much over played Splash Dance video (you can find it yourself).

I guess we cannot expect a marketing firm from NYC to know Cincinnati's history of support for the arts and the identity of our arts donors. But the President and CEO, Mary McCullough-Hudson should.

Join me as I watch the real ripple effect of ArtsWave.


Anonymous said...

Why do you insist on sensationalism to make your point? It makes me think there must be very little substance behind your argument. You do yourself (and your profession) a disservice--it often comes across as lazy writing, personal ax-grinding, and self aggrandizing. You are the proverbial pot calling the kettle black--you consistently stoop to low, sleazy marketing tactics to push this blog which never rises to the hype you put out. Out of town artists? If I'm not mistaken, you are referring to the specialized PR firm which is the same firm that has a long history helping Cincinnati arts organizations (and most other arts organizations around the country) navigate change and national messaging. That s a good thing, no? That our arts are important enough to warrant national attention. And I seem to recall LPK taking the marketing lead in this case. So, are these half truths and drama you are peddling? It's all very disappointing Ms. Stockman. Honestly. You've been called out as a disappointment as an art historian, most people have come to realize that. But over and over again you are proving yourself just as disappointing as a journalist.

Me said...

PS....I'm not a Journalist. I hold no degree in journalism.

And who calls me out as a disappointment as an art historian? Most people? Or perhaps just anonymous people.

Anonymous said...

If it took a few junkets to the Big Apple and the transfer of local donors' cash to out of town consultants to come up with the "ArtsWave" brand and logo (derived from a chunk of the Olympics' intersecting rings), I am not sure the folks who gave money to the FAF got their money's worth.

But the bigger question is this: with so much economic pain out there, why can't the mostly affluent patrons of the "fine" arts pay their own way to the Symphony, Opera and Ballet, so that the community's charitable donations can go to folks who need it?

And I wonder what the United Way will change it's brand to? Uni-Pond?

Me said...

I plan to follow up with a discussion about this "bigger question" and other questions about their new and expanding mission in the coming days.