Monday, February 8, 2010

Experience the Alternative

The galleries in Brighton (just inside the west end of Cincinnati) are some of the most exciting in the city. As most are alternative galleries, they are wonderfully difficult to pin down. Local artist and writer, Matt Morris, is actively involved in the Brighton art district. Recently, Matt sat down with Jane Durrell of WVXU to talk about the Brighton galleries.

Brighton is a new must-experience Cincinnati space.


Cincinnati Art Insider said...

To clarify, Brighton is not a NEW must-experience Cincinnati space. Alternative galleries have been moving in and out of it for years, and semantics has been a long-time fixture in the neighborhood.

It also has been home to many artist studios for years and years, including Jay Bolotin's and the late Pat Renick's (where many a party was held). The Weston Gallery showcased a variety of the studios and then-present galleries on a fantastic tour a few years ago.

And although it is across Central Parkway, the building that housed SS Nova, then, The Mockbee, has been integral to the Brighton scene.