Monday, November 30, 2009

Still No Mention of Cindy Sherman

First, I should state that I love Marilyn Minter's work currently on view at the CAC and in Los Angeles. I enjoy the work of nearly any artist who explores the hyper-sexualized and otherwise distorted representations of women in the media. And Minter's work is simply beautiful.

Though here is yet another review of Marilyn Minter's work that doesn't mention Cindy Sherman. A photographer like Minter, Sherman has focused on female types in the media. While Sherman shoots pictures of herself, she is not the subject of her photographs. She instead presents herself in costume depicting various women: the disheveled or frightened woman, the woman waiting for the phone to ring, even the pin-up. With these photographs, Sherman questions the roles of women presented in the media. Later, her work with mannequins includes disturbing representations. These seem to point more accusingly to the manipulation of women's bodies in fashion magazines, boutiques, and runways. These are not pretty pictures.

Because both Minter and Sherman share similar media and subject matter, I'm still surprised that no review has yet mentioned Sherman. Could it be that Cindy Sherman('s work) is not pretty enough?