Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maxxi: The CAC's Organic Sibling

Maxxi, Rome's new contemporary art museum is opening to the public this weekend for an architectural preview. The NY Times reviews Zaha Hadid's newest work as one that Pope Urban VIII would love and suggests the people of Rome may no longer be weighed down by its architectural past.

While the review makes note of Hadid's dynamic style by comparing Maxxi to her design of the BMW factory just outside of Leipzig, Germany, the images of the Maxxi strongly recall our own Contemporary Art Center, also designed by Hadid. Admittedly the exterior looks almost nothing like the museum in Cincinnati, but Maxxi's dominating stairway and the dramatic interior spaces easily reference the CAC. In fact, Hadid's new structure looks like a mirror image of the CAC; a fun house mirror. Hadid's analytical lines and strong grid that stabilizes the CAC become much more organic and sensuous in Rome.

You can see the slide show of Maxxi here.


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