Monday, October 12, 2009

A Telephone Booth in Yellow Springs

From the time I was a little girl, I've been fascinated by the phone booth. This has nothing to do with Superman (younger readers ask your parents), but about being old enough and tall enough to enter a phone booth and make a call. Unfortunately, as I grew, the old telephone booth was disappearing from our landscape and some being replaced by these. So I still get a little sentimental when I see a phone booth. While not so much nostalgia, the phone booth for me is a sign of modernity whizzing by.

Now with cell phones, I pay no attention to public phones. I couldn't tell you where in my neighborhood one is located. The only time I do notice them is when someone is using one, which is an uncomfortable sight. I think, "doesn't she have a cell phone?" How interesting it is to reflect the evolution of my reaction to the person at a public phone; at one time envy to now pity.

But the phone booth still fascinates as a public space for private communication. There is one in Yellow Springs, Ohio that is being used as a performance space from this month through September of next year. While I hope to see in person some of these site-specific pieces, there is a blog, the telephone booth project that will keep us connected. Thank goodness for modern technology....I think.


Lori Askeland said...

About a year from now, the telephone booth will be part of an exhibit in Cinci... the Cincinnati Art Institute (I think...but let me hook you up with the artist, Migiwa Orimo, who is a friend of mine.)

Anne said...

There used to be fire boxes around town. There was one around the corner from us. Now the are only in the fire museum!

Unknown said...

kathy, thanks so much for telling me about this project. i've jotted a little about it in a list of thoughts in my newest blog entry:

i'm so glad you're an additional voice at Aeqai. your presence and input last night was a pleasure.

Anonymous said...

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