Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bad News for the new PAC Gallery?

There has been understandably some excitement about the recent local collaboration presenting contemporary Indian art. In partnership with ArtWorks, Cincinnati's new private gallery, the PAC Gallery recently opened Metamorphosis – Change and Continuity in Indian Contemporary Art.

However, according to, ArtTactic, a London based research company that examines the art market, is reporting that the art market confidence in contemporary Indian art has dropped 90 percent since last October.

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Anonymous said...

Seems the PAC gallery is derailed before it really got a start. They claimed to have regular hours of operation, but since they opened artwork has been sitting on the floor (I drive by there often), and the gallery has not been open to the public at all. Any clue as to what's going on here?

I'd really hoped to see that area start to become a new arts district with the recent happenings around there.

Me said...

I went to their opening a couple of weeks ago. I drive by there often too and did so again tonight. I did see one very large painting on the floor.

I emailed them about this post. Perhaps one of the owners will chime in to let us know if they are planning more.

Anonymous said...

Kathy: If you had stopped to look - not just driven by - you would have seen a note saying that the gallery was closed because they took the art to Art Chicago. It's an important annual fair of contemporary and modern art that many area galleries attend.

Me said...

I am aware of the art fair and their participation in it.

This doesn't necessary answer why there is a large painting on the floor in the gallery.

Obviously the gallery looks closed from the street and has caused some to question their ability to thrive in the new location.

I don't represent PAC nor is it my responsibility to push viewers into local private galleries. It's their job to address this possible problem.

I'm not in art sales.

Cate Yellig said...

I am responding on behalf of PAC Gallery. Kathy, thank you for your post about the current situation regarding the Indian Contemporary art market. As a new gallery in the area, it is true we took a great risk with introducing this artwork to Cincinnati. Our response to the work has been incredible and we received many accolades at Art Chicago. The collaboration between Artworks, the Parks Foundation, Phyllis Weston Annie Bolling Gallery, and PAC created immense excitement in the area and proved that collaboration between various institutions is beneficial and crucial to success in an ever down trodden economy.

Our mission is to promote contemporary art from around the globe as well as Cincinnati based contemporary artists. Simply because there is a report saying that confidence in the market has dropped 90% regarding Indian art, does not mean that all is not lost and our gallery has been "derailed."

As for the painting on the floor, if you were to stop by the Weston Bolling Gallery you would find that we often have paintings resting against the wall on the floor. Since the paintings are so large scale, we chose to place that one there so you could actually see it and not have it in storage.

Regarding our hours of operation. For the time being we are open for appointment only. If anyone would like to make an appointment, we can be reached at the Weston-Bolling Gallery at 513.321.5200.

I hope this answers your questions, if you need any further assistance you can reach me at the number listed above.

Thank you,
Cate Yellig

Me said...

Ms. Yellig, Thanks for your response. I am pleased to hear the positive response to the work.

Truthfully, I was excited to see such a collaboration, especially focusing on contemporary Indian art. In fact I "tweeted" my excitement over it a couple of times before it opened.

Happy to hear things went well in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if some lights were left on so folks could see in through all those windows, especially if the gallery does not have normal open hours. A drive-by view is a great ad for the art, especially at night!