Friday, February 18, 2011

Rep. John Boehner Responds to Miami University Professor

Dr. Sara L. Butler, Professor of Art History at Miami University, emailed John Boehner encouraging his support for the NEA. Here is a portion of his reponse:

"The Founding Fathers established a federal government for the primary purpose of securing a common defense. Is continued spending on art programs an appropriate use of federal taxpayer dollars?"

Dr. Butler invites us to express our opinion. Here is his contact information.

Representative John Boehner.


Unknown said...

The founding fathers had no clue the amount of change the United States would incur socially, politically, economically, and certainly no idea how immediate world-wide communication would empower all human beings in the aforementioned areas. The need for art is key as a tool to intellect, a construct of history, and a emotional and sensory bond between all of us contributing to our cultural development and offering a needed balance to everything else that should be learned. History shows that absolutes destroys absolutely, so with the loss of art, so goes literature, music, rallies and so on...... .