Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Great Art Walk Debate

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting story about the value of art walks to art sales. Presumably the jury is still out on whether "they build the foundation for sales and create collectors or draw looky-loos opting for a cheap night out?"

During our own Final and First Fridays, are you a looky-loo?


Another Creative said...

I'm a looky-loo, but would hope both collectors and looky-loo's are always welcome …to help cultivate positive atmosphere.

I know we're welcoming all to The State of Matter (hosted by: …the next art walk happening in Northside, Cincinnati).

Anonymous said...


Tamia said...

I'm a looky-loo, mostly due to the fact that collector-ship is not in my financial plans at this point. I go to FF to support OTR and learn about the types of art that appeal to me so that when I have the means to buy, I'm ready!