Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Not the Only One with a Catchy Name

When I first launched this blog and eventually my business, there were a few local and vocal art lovers who were not happy with the name. Cincinnati, like many cities, has a long history of snobbishness that is to some uncomfortably present in its art scene. Honestly, I was surprised by how many were offended, and failed to see "Cincinnati Art Snob" as a bit tongue in cheek.

Similarly, my Twitter account, @artsnob brought on some initial sneers, but I think many now like the name and enjoy being part of a sort of inside joke. I have over 1000 followers from around the world. Locally, the art snob joke seems to have caught on. Just recently I was made aware of another Twitterer from around Cincinnati, presumably a fellow art lover, who goes by the name of @Art_Slob.

Is this the latest local response to Cincinnati Art Snob? Perhaps. The rather cryptic tweets seem to directly respond to my blog posts. Yet the creativity of the name "Art Slob" deserves kudos. I do wish I would have thought of it as it may be more creative than the same old "Art Snob."



r garriott said...

There's never a shortage of humorless types, it seems. I think it's funny. Maybe 'Art Blob' and 'Art Bob' are thinking you've engaged in some willful, pernicious copyright violations... (awful to have to point out--I'm kidding!--)