Thursday, April 22, 2010

A City's History Reduced to a Cell Phone Slide Show?

Yesterday I posted about resisting the temptation to rely solely on photography to view architecture. Visiting old homes in Cincinnati in particular is the only way to truly experience place, history, and home.

Recently a judge required a tour of the Gamble House. What we are left with however is a slide show created by a cell phone. This legally imposed private tour seemed to present some interesting aspects profiling Gamble's life. Imagine what a more constructed and researched tour would uncover of our history. Certainly such a visit would offer so much more than what pictures can document.

The cell phone slide show instead reveals what we lose when we ignore our history.



Anne said...

Weird slide show -- who was that guy standing in the bathroom? I felt like they should have given him some privacy! :-) But I LOVE the houses and buildings here. They are part of the reason I moved back. So they need to stop tearing them down already!