Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DC Art Writer, Tyler Green Points to the CAM's Blue Hole, Little Miami River by Robert S. Duncanson

In an earlier post about the Cincinnati Art Museum's current exhibitions depicting women, I mentioned discussions about American Art recently taking place. I specifically looked to Tyler Green's upcoming review of the NGA's reinstalled American Art galleries.

Here is the critique, in which he recognizes the NGA's exclusion of non-white and non-male artists in these galleries. To illustrate the rather blatant inaccuracy of the presentation of America's art history, Green lists a number of artists and works, including The Cincinnati Art Museum's Blue Hole, Little Miami River by Robert S Duncanson.


Anne said...

Did you see "Who Does She Think She Is?" Played at the Carnegie recently. This was all about women struggling to make it as artists.

They had tons of statistics similar to this -- but imho failed to note that a large percentage of the work in museums is old, therefore not comparable to standards and opportunities of today.

Most troubling to me from the film was the art instructor (I forget where he taught, someplace we've all heard of) who noted that something like 80% of the students were women, but very few of them were able to make careers out of their work. (Then again, that's probably true of many if not most people in the arts.)