Thursday, April 30, 2009

The CAC responds

Following is the email I received responding to my questions about the the inclusion of Supply and Demand on the next season at the Contemporary Art Center:

Thank you for your note. It’s clear you have passion for contemporary art and the artists who produce it. And as you pointed out, you are not alone in your opinion. These types of debates are very important to the health of the art world. They should, and I'm sure will, continue. The CAC believes it is important to express and present the different viewpoints and opinions not only in art, but of the art as well. It's wonderful to know we have community members involved and engaged in this type of dialogue. There is no shortage of worthy issues to debate considering all the factors involved in all the forms contemporary art takes, and we hope you and others continue to express your concern, enjoyment and passion--it's a great contribution.


Molly O'Toole
Director of Communications and Community Engagement
Contemporary Arts Center
Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art

We'll see how the CAC plans to present "different viewpoints." For now, the only viewpoint on the season schedule is that of Shepard Fairey.


Liz Keuffer said...

Sounds a lot like "Thanks for having an opinion."

Me said...

Of course this is all it is....after all it is a letter by their pr person.

Different viewpoints? We'll see how the CAC will achieve this. It is an easy thing to do through panel discussions with various artists or even expecting the artist to respond to challenges to his work.

We'll see if the CAC is planning (and not just talking about) different viewpoints.